Subconscious Reprogramming with PSYCH-K

(PSYCH-K was originated by Rob Williams. I am honored to be able to work with his amazing methods.)

     Sometimes you may ask yourself, Why do I always struggle to make money? Why can't I seem to find a good relationship? Why do I feel disconnected from spirit or my higher self? Why is my health in the state it is? The reality is, the answer lies in your subconscious mind.

     Before the age of seven, we are in a continual whole brain state. This is a time where we are easily programmed by the environment around us. After the age of seven our brain splits into the right brain / left brain state and locks the programs in place.

     These programs are not our own. They are what others have taught, told, and shown us to believe. When we are little, if someone tells us, "Money is hard to come by," we are programmed to have a hard time getting money. If your mom were to have told you, "No one will ever love you," you don't think about mom having a hard day... you simply are programmed to think, no one will ever love me.

    As an adult, 95% of what we do is a result of subconscious actions and decisions. These subconscious beliefs must be changed in order for us to evolve and move forward in our lives. Most of us recognize this and begin a quest for knowledge and wisdom through many different manners. However, this wisdom and knowledge in the conscious mind is not enough. It must be uploaded into our subconscious in order to benefit us in the way we desire.

    PSYCH-K is a completely non invasive system that brings the body back into a whole brain state. This is a point where the mind becomes programmable like the mind of a child. Programs can be added or deleted easily and simply in this state. PSYCH-K evaluates the body and mind including the electrical, nervous system, and brain hemispheres. Subconscious beliefs are identified and then programed to what you desire.

    After Subconscious Reprogramming with PSYCH-K, a person usually finds a new vitality in working towards their goals. They find a new ability to attract the money, love, health, spirituality, and things they want in life. What was once closed can feel open, vibrant, and alive. Subconscious Reprogramming could be the hidden missing piece to everything you have learned about creating the life you desire.