Live a life without limitations,

dreams do become reality.

To prepare for your session:

Identify areas of your life that you want to reprogram. Begin to build goal statements around those. All statements must be...

1: In first person

2: Positive

3: In present tense

4: About what you want (Not about what you don't want!!!!)


Short and emotionally charged statements are the best. Start with your top ten most important statements. Then the next five most important statements. Finish with the next five most important statements for you. A total of 20 in order of importance. (We may or may not get through all 20 so that is why they are in order of importance.) Having a well prepared set of goal statements will save much time and allow us to get as far as possible for you in your session. Goal statements must be prepared beforehand. Here are some category and goal statement examples:

Spirituality: I am in constant communication with my higher self. I am part of the divine.

Love and Romance: I am in an intimate and passionate relationship. I attract those that are compatible with my desires in a relationship.

Money: I have more money than I need. I continually have extra money.

Health: It is easy for me to be slim and healthy. I easily make choices of food and drink that are for my highest good.

Personal Power: I am living my life's purpose. I am completely confident in all aspects of my existence.

Self Esteem: I love myself unconditionally. I am excited about who I am.

On the day of your session...

Be sure to be fully hydrated. Drink A LOT of water. You are fully conscious during reprogramming so restroom breaks are fine. Dehydration is not.

Do not wear a black shirt. Any other color is fine. (Black shirts can interfere with the body's nervous system.) Black pants are ok as long as they do not go above the belly button.

Do not have your cell phone within 5 feet of your body.

If your session is online, do your best to do the session in a room other than where your Wi-Fi router is located.