"changes in habits, decisions, beliefs and patterns"

Coach AB  Adam Brown   

Seattle, Washington

Founder and CEO Ultimate Edge Fitness

(Online Session)

I knew deep down that my subconscious beliefs were holding me back in at least a few areas of my life. I decided to give it a shot, I figured “what the heck, it can’t hurt, either it will work which will be awesome or it won’t and I’ll still be in the same place.”  Much to my surprise several things happened! I learned that my subconscious was holding me back in more than a few just a “few” areas, but more importantly in some of the most significant areas like love, purpose, health and wealth! The process was very simple and Jeremy made it easy for me to open up to him about what I wanted out of life.  The Biggest surprise however came the very next day! I woke up with a ton of energy and over the next 24 hours I recognized serval significant pattern and behavior changes . I couldn’t believe the switch happened so fast, I’m excited to see the compounded effect of these changes in habits, decisions, beliefs and patterns over time.  Thank you Jeremy

"empowering, mind blowing and so very spiritual"

Sol Trevino        

Yakima, Washington

Owner She Bully Marketing and Entertainment

(In Person Session)

This is like The Secret but on steroids! This opportunity literally came the morning after I was having a conversation with a friend about resetting my thinking patterns about things that I want in my life. Talk about divine intervention! During the re-programming process with Jeremy, it was very empowering, mind blowing and so very spiritual. I had such a sense of zen during the entire experience. My body, my soul and my heart had a new profound sense of peace, knowledge and power that I had never experienced before. The next day, I had the urge to re-organize my kitchen, my office & my bedroom and when I stopped to think about it, those were all areas I worked on with Jeremy, my health, my business & my personal life. I have continued to feel the same sense of empowerment, knowing and peace with everything that I worked on. This is something that I wish I would have done years ago but grateful that I had the opportunity to do now, especially in time for the new year. This is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to feel like you are at one with every part of you. Simply put, it puts every part of you on the same page.

"like 10 years of therapy completed in just a few hours."  

Autumn Shkuratoff  

Spokane, Washington

World Traveler

(Online Session)

My experience working with Jeremy was very profound. I have struggled with compulsive behaviors and have tried typical mainstream treatments for many years. Over the past year I have gotten into more eastern ideas of self care and growth, and this falls into that. It was fantastic. Not only was Jeremy vey knowledgeable but he has just the right amount of encouragement. He is invested in your growth and genuinely cares. He is very gifted in this area, and I feel so lucky I was able to work with him. It felt like 10 years of therapy completed in just a few hours. If you are needing guidance and have been struggling with self sabotage, then this is the program for you to explore. If you have any specific questions or want to talk about our experiences, feel free to email me. autumnshkuratoff@gmail.com